The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Careers

Insights from a Curative poll surveying 3,000 clinicians on how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way they view their profession and impacted their career decesions.

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Curative has a better pulse on what healthcare professionals want out of their careers than other physician staffing companies on the market. As part of our process to understand the current sentiment around the healthcare profession, we surveyed nearly 3,000 clinicians on their views.

Our findings resulted in deep insights and perspectives on their attitudes towards work and how COVID-19 has altered many of their career plans. If you’re a hospital administrator or a physician recruiter trying to make sense of the post-COVID-19 hiring landscape, this report is for you.

Report Highlights


COVID-19 has compelled nearly 50% of clinicians to reconsider their career plans: 21% now foresee early retirement, 16% are searching for a new employer, and 12% are pursuing a new career

Specialties reporting the greatest workload were pulmonology and infectious disease, both at 84%. In contrast, physicians least likely to feel overworked were otolaryngologists (50%)

Among the 10 states with the largest proportion of overworked clinicians, half were located in the Northeast, potentially pointing to greater clinical burden in the region